Sample Names


I (ab)use the sample names within instruments to store various metadata information.

It appears to work fine, but I need to store more and more data. Are there any limitations on the length of the names?


can’t you test-abuse the sample name length and find out?

I have done, with no apparent loss of data.

However, I’d like a developer to confirm any limitations before I write a whole set of code to do something which may end up not working reliably.

No string length limit I’m aware of.

Ok, I’ll put that to the test ;)

If I find any issues I’ll file as a bug.

Well, if it regards the 64-bit version, i don’t think you have the time to wait for it until it can’t compute the string anylonger.
Where was the time where strings had a maximum size of 32767 bytes? (And arrays couldn’t poses more than 64K of memory)