Sample not changing pitch when I move up and down octaves [Example inside]

Hello all, I’m new in town here.

I’m watching this video from Bizzy B about setting up an amen break in Renoise, and around 4:20 he slices the break and right clicks > slices > slice to phrase. Immediately after, he shows the phrase menu, plays it (by pressing enter, and not space… why is that?) and then changes the bpm. He shows that pressing other keys on the keyboard will play the sample at the same tempo (170 bpm) but the pitch changes.

My issue is that when doing these same steps, my break is playing at the same root pitch on all key presses up and down octaves. It’s definitely moving at 170 bpm, but never changing pitch. I followed his directions very closely, is there an option that may be selected that I am missing here? Or is it because of something else like, my sample has too few slices?


I didn’t spot an exact thing he might have done that you missed but one possibility that comes to mind is that the phrase key tracking is in “None” and not “Transpose” mode: see under Phrase Properties.

You can’t see this on the video because the camera screen does hide it. Inside the phrase editor on the lower left side above the keyboard there’s a button with two hash symbols (show/hide sample column). Clicking this button will let you choose the samples like an instrument to insert the notes for the selected sample (works just with computer keyboard, not with the MIDI keybord). After you’ve set up your phrase you can now tranpose the phrase by played notes in the main pattern sequencer.


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To directly do this with the “render slices to phrase” like in the video you have to set a thing in the “render slice options” before rendering. There you have to activate the “Use Sample Column” settings. If you now render slices to phrase all will be set up automatically and you can transpose it like in the video.



This was it exactly! Thank you very much!