Sample Offset As Track Dsp

As I was working with LONG samples today I got this idea in my head that SHOULD be easy to implement… But heck, what do I know… :rolleyes:

Why not add a sample offset (9xx) as dsp? This way we could:

  • use automation to timestretch easily
  • slice the samples via automation
  • with Sample Follow™ you can skip to the next pattern without missing out on that loong sample you started in the previous pattern.

and if you add a “generate Sample Follow”-button to the DSP, it would automatically generate an automation string that extends as far as it’s needed. If the next pattern isn’t unique (i.e. has been used earlier and shouldn’t have any trace of the sample now being used), Renoise will automatically (or via prompting?) generate a duplicate pattern and use in stead.

This feature would be MASSIVELY useful for me while waiting for the possibility to see wavs going down in the patterns, pretty please!!! :walkman:

I think this can’t be done because of the present DSP structure: they work over audio signal, so they can’t be assigned to an instrument.

Also, this DSp won’t work on VSTi/MIDI, which can be confusing

I agree very much that renoise need a better way to handle long samples.

Your ideas could fit right into the Note Envelopes idea.

About sample follow, I think its much better to have ‘Audio tracks’ for this.
Everything you insert into a audio track will be precalculated and shown (if you like) as a wave and then streamed from harddrive. (explained to the end of this thread )

IMO long samples are in most cases best shown as waveforms that you can drag around and draw envelopes on top. This could be done both in the automation window and in an arranger window (where you could choose if the sample will be shown as a wave or a midi note).


check this out too :…1bfa04cc300a5dd seems we all have same difficulties :)

Anyway the idea of Sagosen was great :yeah:
Something like this to handle BIG samples with comfort would be superb!

eer, I have no problem doing like 20-30 second timestretches with huge files ?

I really don’t see how this would be helpful.

Then again, I really don’t like automation that much; I prefer typing in my numbers. ie. There’s always one little part of the file that doesn’t sound right when you’re timestretching it.