Sample Offset question

I have a spoken sample which lasts maybe 10 seconds.
I want to trigger it at different points which I have been doing using the Sxx command.
I must admit I’ve been doing it by trial and error and what I wanted to know is…

Is there a way to use the position in the sample editor as a reference.
I can see visually the place I want it to start which may be say at position 7.2.0 in a sample that is 70.0.0 long.
Is there a way to use that as a reference point I can apply to the sample in the pattern matrix so that it will start at that point?

Does this make sense or am I asking the impossible?

Ta chaps


right click the top or bottom bar of the sample editor and select ‘0S effect’.


also a value (next to the ‘rec’ button) in the sample editor will update depending on where you click in the waveform.

If you want to trigger very precise moments within the sample, like certain words or whatever, then you’ll be much better off using Slice Markers instead:

Position the sample editor cursor at the correct point in time, then press [CTRL] + [K] to add a new slice.

By default, the slices will be mapped from C#4 onwards, while C-4 will play the original un-sliced sample.

You can trigger the slices either by playing C#4, D-4, D#4, etc., or you can combine the basenote C-4 with the same Sxx command you’re used to, where S01 triggers the first slice, S02 triggers the second, and so on.

Thanks guys. I’ll sit and work through the info you’ve given me.
Knew there would be a method.

And to add to what dblue said, know that at the top of the sample editor, rightmost of all the ‘slice’ controls, there’s a switch button labeled 1> which allows you to decide per instrument whether the slices are used for the start point only (that is, even with multiple slices, every slice plays through to the end of the whole sample) or every slice acts like it’s basically a sample on itself, stopping at the next marker (you normally want this for slicing up a drumbeat for instance).