sample pack collab

On my last track I sampled a bunch of bisque fired ceramic peices. Ended up with a bunch of glassy sounding tap sounds. All single shots.

Today while searching the web for tips on making IDM/breakcore I ran across this and thought it was a great idea. And pretty accurate at that.

  1. Raid the kitchen for pots, pans, cutlery, buckets and tupperware
  2. Mic up the top and bottom of the stairs
  3. Haul the kitchen utensils to the top of stairs
  5. Launch kitchen utensils down the stairs with all your might

Sure it was meant as a joke, but it got me thinking. I am probably going to sample all of the knives in my work bag. If anybody is interested I will share my sample packs as soon as I get a working computer.

But what I’m wondering is: is there anybody who would be interested in collaborating on some sort of themed (or multi-themed) sample kit? What kind of sounds would you wanna hear?

Sounds like fun…

This is a cool idea, I would be interested to hear some samples yourlocalloser!