Sample Pack (Dubstep Bass) Wav + Xrni Format

Hello people :)

I’ve just spent the weekend tweaking and compiling a sample pack, made available on my Youtube-channel. In the pack there are 8 different dubstep bass sounds, multisampled in 1 octave (from c3 to c4), all of them fairly long single notes. There is also a half-bar 140 BPM example loop for each sound. Any wobbles featured in the sounds are at various multiples of 140 bpm.

The WAV’s are all named by key, and the XRNI’s have the samples laid out on the keyboard in 3 octaves. The WAV-pack is 59MB and the XRNI-pack is 22MB, both downloadable at Mediafire (links below and in the video description). I may make more of these in the future, although I will need to figure out a way to do it a little bit quicker. :P

Here’s the video preview:

Feel free to re-post where it might be appreciated, with the video, or just the download links. The samples are all free to use, in any way shape or form.

Download links: