Sample pack for renoise redux

it would be great to have quality multisampled instrument like orchestral stuff, guitar et cetera…

perhaps if there is enough sound designer a shop could be added to dowload on renoise website

what do you think of this ?

i’ve asked soundiron allready

it would be a blast to swap the renoise sampler and don"t use kontakt

hell yes

Would be a nice addition, yeah. Of course there are a ton of SFZs out there that might serve. Puremagnetik used to make Renoise instruments, don’t know if they still do or not (or if they’re even still around, sample library companies tend to have short lives, it’s a hard way to make money unless you’re a centralized giant like Soundiron etc.). Anyway bigcat instruments has dozens of SFZ format instruments that are usable:

people don’t want some orchestral sound in renoise ? it could be anything in fact

that would be a blast innit

people don’t want some orchestral sound in renoise ? it could be anything in fact

that would be a blast innit

I’m planning multiple releases for Renoise, stuff similar to PureMagnetik. For instance, I’m currently working on a Yamaha MK-100 sample library that will be available as a rompler plugin as well as Renoise instruments (+ a bunch of other formats). I maintain a journal of the process here:

I’ve just bought Renoise for this very purpose. Hopefully, I’ll be able to support a lot of more “underground” formats.

I would definitely find use for multi sampled orchestra. I am currently using samples from Iowa orchestra/Sonata Symphonic Orchestra/Philharmonia Orchestra. With so many articulations and instruments, I do plan to compile them, being such a large task, I have many other things that need my attention first.

So yes I would definitely use it and it would help composition and workflow.

On the subject of renoise instruments, I downloaded a drum pack from Drum drops which included a renoise instrument and I am finding it very useful. Good quality samples with various articulations that make humanizing easier.

And also, thanks SampleScience1, welcome! look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Renoise sampler doesn’t do DFD does it ?

You will be ground to a halt in seconds trying to put orchestral libraries in that.

It is also unlikely that any heavy orchestral or instrument libraries would be ported over to Renoise or Redux, while the community here have great love for their micro edit design, they do not lend themselves to this sort of porting from other more functional sample playback devices like Kontakt.

For instance, if you wanted to have a key follow that works on the filter and pitch and volume, you literally have to create a key follow device for filter and pitch and volume, then when you adjust one you have to adjust the other two aswell.

Assign to macros you say, OK, now you have lost one of your macro knobs, and considering that was just for key follow, you are soon going to run out.

Until you can do things such as send a single modulator to multiple destinations (Domains in Renoise parlance, parameters to the rest of the world)

Modulators should not only be able to be assigned to multiple domains (parameters) within a set, they should also be able to be shared between multiple sets within an instrument.

Again, for clarity, this is if Redux and Renoise where to be useful for bigger soundsets, i suspect they want to keep them as basic samplers more designed for throwing in your samples and creating, not for big instruments and orchestral sets, updates are not fast and furious round here, so these updates are unlikely any time soon if ever, just go buy one of the big boys if you want nice orchestral stuff.