sample pitch automation slow the comp as hell!!

i’ve got a dual-core, win 7 32b, 4giga of ram (use only 3)
i make music since 16 years professionaly since 10 never used sound card but this time renoise is becoming slow as hell when i make automation on samples…
is it because the pitch automation plugin is not really finnish or does it happen to everyone?
or… (please not this) my computer is becoming to old or i need to buy a sound card?
thanx for your answer :)

Is the sample or instrument using a lot of voices? That can really eat up a lot of cpu even with sample based instruments. It sounds like you may need a faster pc.

I use pitch envelope in many ways, also on multiple instruments with multiple samples at the same time, I’ve never had it affect renoise responsiveness really.
I don’t understand why you hope it’s not the computer being too old… that’s the one thing that you can find a fix for yourself instead of waiting! (although it sounds like ok computer… pentium or core2duo?)

You might accomplish something if you raise the refresh rate of your graphics preferences, if you speak of the pitch automation tool, all tools lift on the frequency range of the graphics engine
Well, if the implementation turns into a native solution (or we are allowed to create DSP tools that run in the real-time thread), the current one can be ditched. (would be only interesting for learning purposes)