Sample Pitch Device

hydra/velocity/lfo/ … /+sample pitch device

edit: or a “sample properties device”

I don’t know if it should be a separate device, but those parameters should definitely be automateable.

+1 on this. more hands-on, visual pitching.
I think such a device in certain cases could be waay more effective than using the pitch commands only (though i love those too),
and i imagine it could inspire to pitch stuff in a more creative way, perhaps?

yep!, i think about this one everytime i do automations or apply/ trig/ tweak my hardware sampler with the midi device… it’s possible to do things not implemented in the sampler and definitively awesome to do… (eg: use lfo on pan, use signal follower or velocity device on the pitch, etc etc…

but it won’t replace the 01xx/ 02xx command… we need both!! :)


+1 from me for “sample properties device”.

Another possible (alternative) idea: to add (a) transpose/finetune slider(s) to the track pre-mixer device.

PS. This is my first post on the forum. Let me introduce myself in a few words:
Jan Kaliszewski (zuo) – 1) composer, 2) Python programmer – from Poland.
(1994-1998 – active on the demoscene [Amiga & PC]).

welcome to the community!

i’d like a device like this. or at least be able to automate more stuff.