Sample Pitch Slide Automation?


i’ve been thinking of remastering a mod/xm of mine. back then i’ve tracked it on amiga with pt2.3d, took me a bit to repitch the slides in fastracker2 to get the exact
same slides as on amiga. now in renoise it’s a pain in the ass with it’s slide commands. so ye i was wondering if there is some way to automate a sample slide or just
to really have very fine slide details as command. ?!

These don’t do anything for you in the song properties?

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Well, actually it is cursing, as this tool is not sample precise so i doubt it will really help you, but does allow you to adjust (automate!) sample pitch using either the pitch envelope or the sample semitone.

cool, gonna try that. that’s what i was lookin for. i’ll check it out this week. can i automate settings in the tool?

It is just a renamed midi CC device and you can automate the Pitchbend parameter since that slider is monitored and then translated to sample transpose or pitch envelope values.

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can i actually pitchbend it up to 24 or more? … it does work but i’d need more than 12 notes :confused:

You can pitch 24 semitones: pitch down 12 notes and pick the offset-note you need as start-note, then pitch up to 24 semitones. If you need more, you really need the gliding function rather than the pitch device.