Sample Pitch/Speed Issue

Hello people!

I just started using renoise and I’m totally in love with it, but I have one issue…

I’ll try to explain the best I can, but keep in mind english isnt my native language and I’m not all too familiar with all the terms being tossed around. also, ofcourse I tried searching before posting ;)

anyway, I often use samples as instruments. like I take a sample, do a loop in it in the sample editor to create organ-like sounds. the issue here is of course that the higher in pitch I go, the faster the sample is being played. is there any way to make every note to play at the same speed?

sorry if this question has been asked a thousand times before, but I did search for it and couldnt find the answer… anyway, you guys seem really nice and I’m looking forward to discussing things more around here!

have a nice evening :)



For pitch-shifting, there is a XRNX tool called “Rubberband”.
But the tool does not suit well for such (multi-sampling) purpose.
So if you really really want to solve such Pitch/Speed issue, I recommend you to use VSTi sampler like Kontakt or Sampletank. Unfortunately, I think that you cannot solve such issue in current Renoise natively.

Well, recently I read on KVR that IK seems to release Sampletank Free with full function.
So you can import sample and convert it to Sampletank’s instrument format and also can use the strech engine.
(Notes: Sampletank is a bit old VSTi. If you use Windows Vista or 7, you should install it outside of the \Program Files\ directory)

If you use Linux, I think it’s difficult to solve your problem, unfortunately… :(

satobox is right.
the term ‘pitch-shifting’ is what you are looking for.
the way to do this currently (as it is indeed not possible to do it ‘automatically’ or ‘on-the-fly’ in Renoise) is to just prepare your samples with the correct pitch beforehand. you can do this either with Rubberband or use Audacity (external software, free, Windows) or any other sound software with pitch-shifting capabilities.

if you search the forums for ‘pitch-shift’ you’ll probably find more stuff related to your question.

okey, I use mac right now, but I’m aiming to get a PC so it wont be much of a problem. thanks a lot for helping me out! I’ll try out the samplers you mentioned or just sort out my sample-bank :)

thanks again!

have you tried looping a section of the sample it’ll allow you to sustain a particluar section of a sample if you set things up correctly in the sample editor (loop start and end positions).

Not as nice as pitch shifting but often does the job for me.

Also the part after the loop never gets played. There is no way to set it up as the Release phase unfortunately.

On Mac is a plugin called AUPitch. Look for it in Track DSPs. It will do the job.

Read this post for more info…

AUPitch is 1 really good reason to keep using mac.
Also it should be mentioned if your mac is getting on the slow side with a song, render the sections you are pitch-shifting so you can free up the resources.