Sample Play And Sample Editor

Acouple of feature requests :)

  1. It would be nice if the sample editor remembered (per sample/intrument) what the zoom level where when switching between samples.
  2. When having a selection in a sample it would be nice to be able to play just that part

// codec

That’s already possible with the “play” button at the bottom of the sample. Unless you mean with the keyboard… yeah, that could be useful as well.
But that (at least in part) could come with the “assignment”/“beatslicing” function… I mean assigning a certain sample part to a certain note/key and stuff.

well, that’s give me the base pitch only.

If you mean with the play button: you can change pitch with that other button near it. Not a substitute for the keyboard, but it’s something. ;)
If you mean the “beatslicing” future function… that could work in many ways, I guess. Also playing part of the sample with all the keys and stuff.

I’m not talking about an fullblown beatslicer, just some “button” in the sample editor that would just play the marked part when hitting keys on the kb (be it midikb or whatever). even if it’s possible to change basenotes etc it’s just not what i would call quick. But granted, it is not very important.

like a “16 levels” on the mpc.

that i would be a nice thing to have, instead of having to split the sound into another instrument. sounds like it would be neater as well.

select a portion in the sample, and press enter to play that selection. Focus has to be on the sample-editor.

jonas the plugexpert, yes i know. and it’s not a bad “work around”, but it’s not as fast as it could be. (if there where some “play marked selection” in sample editor)… but i would find the other request more of a bonus.

ooooh again the sample editor! and there is much to be done with it!

+1 for the time-saving suggestion.