Sample Preview Shortcut & Others Are Remapped

Not even sure if it’s called sample preview. It’s the line you click, then you hit a key (mine was F, can’t remember if I assigned it to F or that’s just where it was to begin with) and you hear the sound from that start line, this doesn’t seem to work in this new beta.

Row preview? “F” key?
You can’t assign note-keys to functions.
Playing rows is performed by hitting the enter key usually.

ah it’s ok i’ve re-assigned it. you know… that ‘play the selected area’ thingy

the beta update remebered all my shorcuts except that one for some reason

don’t ask my why i like it being the F key. I guess it’s when Im chopping long samples into different parts. I like to have my finger close to each buttons. the C, X, V, and F

A bunch of shortcuts have been moved and remapped. Like for example all the stuff that is now below the pattern editor.

The Sample Preview was also mapped to the record sample panel, which now no longer has a shortcut (you have to focus the Dialog & hit return - well, or MIDI map it).

Sorry, but we can not magically map them all automatically when you’ve custumized them, so you have to do this manually once for for 2.5…

where do you find the midi mapping for Sample Preview ? ok sorry just re-read that and and see that there is no shortcut for it anymore.

That’s a pretty old thread you’re looking at but thought I had seen you mention this elsewhere but this is the only place I could find it…

Anyway just checked with MIDI Mapping and seems not to be there (at least the button doesn’t highlight in MIDI Learn Mode.)

Also searched through the API to the best of my ability and can’t find it there for generating a script for the control yourself.

Think this would be a good addition to standard Renoise, or at very minimum the API :)

Shortcut is no midi mapping, but things have changed in the later versions.
So this thread no longer applies.
Please disregard the given advise for the newer versions