Sample Preview Should Follow Sample Transpose Settings?

I have reported this a long time ago but just came across it again and feel it worth re-mentioning.

Load a new song.
Load a sample.
Open Sample Editor.
Hit Enter/Middle Click/Press Play Selection Button (C4)
Press Z when in Oct4 (C4.)

They sound the same, this is correct as both are playing C4, as you can see.

Change the Transpose of the note, say an octave to -12.

Press Z when in Oct4 (C4)
Middle Click etc (still set to C4)

Both play at an octave apart.

Both are meant to be C4 and should trigger the same. The drop down for selecting Note for Preview should take into account any Transport setting and not always be performed as if this was 0.

Then it shouldn’t say C4 in the dropdown next to the preview section as that is misleading! As it’s not the same as playing C4 if you have Transposed the sample.

I must admit that a “C-4” is confusing in this context, but what else should it say then there?

Not applying any transpose settings here, let’s us play back the “raw” unpitched sample by default. This IMHO is a good thing, and what you expect /in the sample editor/.

Seems I’m alone but I would like it to follow the tuning, so if you’ve had to adjust finetuning to get something in tune it would also show be the same when previewing the smaller section. To be the Preview should be the same as previewing the section as if you had hit the key which corresponds to that labelled.

Another reason why it really bugs me:
When using long samples I may want to tweak and adjust things using either Beats or Real Time measures on the ruler bar.
These do adjust with changes to Transpose and Finetune.
They do not follow changes to Basenote.
They do not change when you change your Preview to be at a different note.
Meaning you can only use them to set to playing the sample at C4, Basenote of C4!

If you do insist on keeping it Raw Sample Preview I suggest labelling it as “Original Rate [+/-ST}” or something similar…

Moved to “Ideas, Suggestions & Feature Discussion”. In case of doubt lets kept the old behavior please…