Sample Problem/rigen

hello i am having problem with rigen,i love this tool,but i cannot seem to drop more than 20 samples onto rigen at one i missing something r doing something wrong??

why not just drag multiple files from renoises disk browser into an instrument slot?

ok now i did not know u cud do that…but you would still have to place each hit into an instrument not being lazy.i have 1000s of instruments to make and rigen would be very handy for this…only 20 samples is not enuf!!!

press on the more button to get a bigger disk-op, now select the samples you want by holding shift (or ctrl) while dragging with the mouse. You can select well over 20 samples at the same time, try it out! :)

You can drag the samples to an empty sample slot in an instrument to create a multi-sample instrument (you need to generate drumkit in the instrument editor) or you can drag the samples to the instrument list so they’ll ‘become’ separate instruments.

I think this is better explained somewhere in the tutorials/wiki etc

thnx man thats a huge help.

no problem

I don’t experience that problem here, but does one of the samples have strange characters?
Another way to circumvent the “limit” is to stuff them in a folder and then drop the folder on RiGen. (You can also drop folders on RiGen)

no strange characters,its always about 20 samples…i didnt count but its about that.nething over that just doesnt work.if i make a folder and drop it on rigen will it make everything in that folder into one instrument r will they become seperate instruments based on their name???

its the same with the folders aswell i can only put a folder on rigen if it contains 10 r less folders???

Wait… i found your problem… but that is beyond my power to fix…

Or someone could tell me a way to draw the dragged files info from somewhere else in the Windows API…

So as far as i can tell, the only quick way is to stuff everything into one main/root folder and drag this root-folder to RiGen.
Then RiGen will read all the upper folders (that should not pose any problem)
Each instrument should carry the name of the (sub)folder in that case.