sample properties below the instrument box

would it be possible to have ‘sample properties’ under the instrument box, just like the ‘instrument properties’ in B6? that would greatly improve my workflow personally

I was even thinking of the possibility of incorporating most of the functionality of sample editor to the panel on the right. Like having minimal views of envelopes & everything else right there below the instrument box.

I think that would be great improvement for people like myself working with single screen setup. Not having to click back and forth to make some small tweak.


It’s very useful when you have instrument key zones arranged in the “Drum Kit” fashion, so that you can see in the samples list at all times which one you are playing. When recording vocals it’s also useful, since you can navigate the patterns while still selecting which sample slot to record in.

The “Instrument properties” panel below the instrument box is a great step in the right direction, but the list of samples would be great too!

New idea, The four buttons “Songs, Instr., Samples, Other” below the instrument box could have a fifth button, “Instr. samples” which would show the list of samples.

Which sample do you want to process the properties from then and which layer?
Because this area would also be visible if the pattern editor is visible instead of the instrument sample tab.

That’s the whole point, having sample properties available when pattern editor or mixer is active.

My idea was that there would have to be similar selector that there is now for the midi chooser for selecting the sample

For the mixer i can understand some argumentation because the DSP panel no longer remains visible when you are working in the sample editor / instrument designer, which was the case with <=2.8.x.
What kind of workflow do you practice requiring the pattern editor visible?

For the pattern editor and sample list together, I have a workflow described in my earlier reply.

The point about the mixer is also a good one.

Aha, you want a detachable pattern editor and sequencer! :P

I think the point is to have it in the same window, like Renoise 2.8 does.

Yes i know. But eventually it will become harder to stuff every desired feature inside the same frame.

It also has to fit on a 1024*600 netbook and on there the option as it currently is, is already not so useful.

Of course you have to sacrifice something else to make room for it, in this case it would be the file listing, which I find less useful when doing recordings. It boils down to what you are doing, if you are browsing samples, the file listing is useful, if you are making recordings, the instrument sample list is more useful.

Still not fixed in B7. Just adding a button to see the sample list next to the automation button in the lower left corner would do the trick, and wouldn’t even take up any extra space, since that space is unused.

It seems very logical to me that when recording say, vocal tracks, it is natural to navigate the patterns while selecting sample slots to record into. If you are doing lead vocals and then backing vocals for example, you’d record once, rewind in the pattern editor, select a new sample slot, and then record again. Also, when putting samples into the pattern, it’s useful to see which one you just put in (C-4 and C#4 will typically be different samples). In Renoise 2.8, the sample is autoselected when you play it, whereas in Renoise 3.0 you cannot see it, you need to switch to the sampler and then back again.

But probably it’s too late for 3.0 now. I’ve found in my testing that this GUI change breaks my workflow rather badly, as I do a lot of long duration recordings and overdubs, so I’m likely to stay on 2.8 for the time being. I hope you will consider restoring this feature later!

If there’s gonna be a 3.1 or 3.5 or whatever, I’d like to bring up this feature again: Make it possible to view the sample list below the right hand instrument list (the loaded samples, not the ones on disk). It could be a button next to the Songs/Instr./Samples/Other buttons that are already there. It’s such a useful feature from 2.8 to be able to see which sample you are triggering when playing certain key, while still being able to navigate the patterns.