Sample Recorder window: Changing Input Source Programmatically?

I’m attempting to automate some tasks within my studio using lua scripts … and wondering if is possible to change the input in the Sample Recorder window with script? For example, i’d like to change it from recording channel 1 to channel 2 on my soundcard. I did a quick search in the documentation, but I couldn’t find much about the sample recording window (only how to show and hide it).

Any help would be appreciated!

The API doesn’t state that it’s possible, so I’m pretty sure that’s the case.

+1 More control of the recording dialog would be awesome.

It’s not that hands free recording is not possible - but currently, a user might initially need to configure the dialog.

For example, my Duplex Recorder require you to set the recording to pattern mode. Would be great if this setting could be probed/set via the API instead.

nice to see this being requested. i’ve tried to formulate this in various forms in the API function wishlist thread about 2-3 times. finally dusted off all those old posts and just created this: all of “my” wishlist stuff put together. to X according to list to X according to list