Sample Recording With 16Bit Etc.

I want to record sample at 16bit or 24bit, etc. from the beginning.
I tired changing a lot of 32bit samples to 16bit. I wish Renoise has a function that
change recording sample type optionally in Preferences or Sample Recorder dialog window in the future.

p.s. I am very happy that Invert Phase and Swap Stereo Channels were incorporated with 2.8.0b2 by default.

Yeah, I also want this on the REC panel. (it’s useful for rough vocal recording etc.)
+1 B)

Is there really no way to do this yet?


add in bit resolution selection and multi-track recording to Sample Recorder - happy days :wink:

Insert an fx chain into the recording chain at the point of recording a sample.

Aye, I do that already - recorder plugin at the end of a track’s fx chain. Works but it’s a bit of a faff.

Unless you’re referring to something else?..

I’m thinking of something like being able to record arm tracks/sends in the Sample Record dialog, so you can realtime record stems.

I believe you can set an FX chain when arming the sampler to record, unless I’m mistaken?


Perhaps insert a bit reduction in the FX chain to force the reduced bit rate recording? Sorry if I’m talking at cross purposes to your intentions.

I think we maybe :smiley:

Referring to the OP of having to always set their recorded samples (always 32bit recordings) to 16bit, it would be useful to have a dropdown in the sample recorder with the options [32bit, 24bit, 16bit]

Otherwise I was speculating about whether we could have the option to tap each track, send or even the master to record separate stems live (rather than just an external input and also, rather than offline). If you’re doing live tweaking and want to record it in a pass in realtime, you’re a bit stuck, unless you resort to the 3rd party plugin trick. Basically having this feature baked in natively would be smashing.

This could be one of those occasions where a graphic mockup might explain it better…if I get the time

I should have said that I was mentioning the FX chain as the Bit Reducer native effect can enforce a Bit/Sample rate limit that way? If inserted when recording into Renoise.

Would be nice to have samples saved in 16-bit 44.1k CD Quality format by default.

Or at least to have a drop-down menu option to choose your desired Default format;
it is a hassle to have to remember to ‘adjust’ the sample after recording it.