Sample root note

Hi, why the samples are not loaded with the correct root note? if I have two sample with differente root note in “smpl” information, renoise load them both with c4 base note.

I’m not sure but it might be to do with Renoise working with names to determine root note. some sample architectures operate this way.
so if your sample had F#5 at the start or end or the name maybe it would load with that root. the only other ways I know this to be possible
is if some kind of meta data is in the sample itself (or) the software implements a pitch scanning algorithm to find the root.

Drag the sample from the diskbrowser directly into the keyzone on any key, don’t release the mouse button yet, but drag up and down the velocity zone and see how the sample gets divided across one key a group of keys or a complete octave.
The base note is related to how you want to organise your samples in the keyzone, the first note of the rectangled area will automatically be the basenote. If that is an F#4, simply drag the sample onto the F#4 and widen the zone-area when needed.

If you need to change the basenote afterwards, rightclick the specific key that you want to use as a base-note for that selected sample keyzone.

If you simply doubleclick a sample to load it into an instrument, then basenote C-4 is the default.

Does this help?

If you simply doubleclick a sample to load it into an instrument, then basenote C-4 is the default.”

Hi, it is this that have to change, all the sampler read metadata into sample and assign the correct root key automatically,…there are many sample that doesn’t show rootnote in the filename.
As you know, Propellerheads NNXT and NN19, if you select more than one sample, split automatically these samples across the keyboard range with the correct root key.


Emanuele (ballacr75)

Just out of curiosity, what is the file format of these two samples you mentioned? I’m guessing the “smpl” information is some sort of metadata in that file format?


Bumping this as it’s something that I’d find really useful when exchanging samples between hardware samplers (which use the smpl chunk), audio editors (e.g. Sound Forge) and Renoise.

It could be done as a Tool, which wraps the .wav loader, but it’s a bit of a hacky workaround.

The feature should be able to be disabled in Preferences should people prefer the old functionality.

edit: Thought it seemed familiar