Sample saying "everybody make some noise" needed

I already posted this question in off topic, but then I thought maybe I put it in the wrong section. Anyway, does anybody know where I can find a clean sample (pref no reverb) of someone saying “everybody make some noise” or something along those lines? I don’t care if profanity’s in it or not.

I’ve been trolling youtube for the past week looking through old TRL episodes, mtv specials, vh1 specials and didn’t find it. The ones I did find were reverby as hell and covered in screaming. But then just today I realized “Shit! wth? why not ask the rns forum?”

I want to chop it into a set for a laptop battle… tomorrow. But yeah, if you can help me, that’d be awesome, if not thanks anyway. :)

Are you on Macintosh?

Open up the terminal (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal ) and type:

say Everybody make some noise!  

If you want to save it to your desktop, do:

say -o ~/Desktop/sample.aiff Everybody make some noise!  

If you want to change the voice, there’s a whole list of available voices in the Text to Speech preferences (System Preferences -> Speech -> Text to Speech -> System Voice).

WAHahahahahahahaha!!! I just shit my pants.

Not quite what I was looking for (hoping for a “famous” rapper to say it, slip it into a gabba track)

BUT, I think this might be better! Super kudos(x10) to you man! Ha ha ha ha, wtf? Where do you find shit like this?

No, I wish!!!

But I didn’t want a speech synth sample… but still, thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

Here ;)

… lurk moar!

Try Public Enemy’s “It takes a nation of millions to hold us back”… I remember a speaker introducing them screaming it on the first intro track

listen to it

and… yes, I found another in the same album (Flavor Flaw screaming it)

I think u could sample these songs even without PE permission, 'cos the album contains a lot of pro-sampling-others-songs protest xDDD

Why don’t you record yourself 4 or 5 times and play around mixing everything? Or bring some friends or neighbours to record them.

faggot flip sounds wicked in this thing