Sample search

Howdy folks!

There may be a tool that does this I don’t know about - please let me know if it is.

I have a rather large sample library after making and collecting them for a few years. They are all sorted in folders and subfolders. It would be great to be able to search (for instance) “snare” and get results from all subfolders - not just the folder I am in.

Anyone know if this is possible somehow?

I use something like ultrasearch for this purpose:

Takes a while to start, but then results are zippy… like, really REALLY fast.

Also, check out Resonic


I agree with you and I would like to add to this suggestion, the possibility to use the arrow for navigate trough the sample

Yep, native “Search” function in a Disk Browser would be very helpful and time-saving :slight_smile:

can you not enter different search paths in Windows?
use only windows system settings, for everything else total commander, often several instances

for samples additionally the prg 1by1 as wave Player (play directories does not need a playlist)
fast workflow, i miss nothing there

This would be a great addition for the new Renoise Update!