Sample Sizes

Hi, I’m new, never made any electronic tracks or anything before, but I want to start, and I was suggested Renoise, so I’m trying out the demo before I buy it.

Basically I want to start making some dubstep kind of electronic music, as well as remixing songs of other genres into electric feels, etc etc.

Sorry if this sounds dumb, but if I put a song into Renoise as a sample, only like 10 seconds of it are played on a track. Is it possible to use a whole song as a sample (say, if I want to edit it), or how would I get round to doing that.

Gotta start somewhere…thanks in advance.


You probably only hear the first 10 seconds, because you’re looping a 64 step pattern. You’ll first have to create a sequence of patterns and create enough time for the song to fit.

Check the manual, I’ll give you a hint :wink: , you need to check the most left part of the gui, where the first pattern = 0, there are some icons to press there, check out what does what. Good luck!

thanks good sir.

the program seems really good though, so I’m probably gonna buy it this week.

You can also change pattern size at the top left of the pattern.
Usually you’re doubling or halving this number.