Sample Slice?

Hello I am new to Renoise and I would like to use the sample slice feature like on the demo (synchronized with effects etc.).I want to treat my own drumloop samples like this. Step by step how do I go about doing this?
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(note: This only works with internal samples!, not VSTI nor MIDI)

Usually you start with the offset effect (09xx)
Open up the sample editor, click any point in the sample (or rang) and notice on the bottom-right of the sampleeditor (next to the play / stop buttons) the offset position that is beingb given for the marker (Offset : 09CD)
If you want to know the exact positions of various beats, click on the place where they start in the sample editor and write them down on paper.

If you want to play beats backwards (like done with the B0 parameter in the panning column) you need to know the offset of the end of the sample ofcourse.

With that table, you can start make your combinations in the pattern editor.

Combination B0 09xx plays a sample from offset xx in the opposite direction.

All the other effects (volume slicing and pitch sliding etc) are just of additional use. They do not behave different then when you would apply them without the sample-slicer effect.

this is my 1st post, and i’m just starting to look into production so be nice to me B)

i am using renoise v1.5 at the recomendation of a friend of mine, and although i will mainly be looking to produce drum and bass (of the atmospheric kind) i am open and willing to try other styles such as downtempo and deep-house etc.

at the moment i am only messing around, trying to figure out the tool for the job i want to do, before i start piecing together a song.

anyway, on with the question…

ok, i think i just about understand the basics of what vvoois said about using the sample offset for slicing a break.

but what i am not sure of is how to fit the sample (time stretch?) to the bpm i am using for my song. being drum and bass, i am looking at using a bpm of about 175, and my sample (seems to be at least) a bpm of 171 - the only way i know this is that it loops seemlessley (as best as i can get it) if i set the renoise bpm to 171 while the sample is being repeated.

the only way i have managed to work it out so far is by using the beat sync, and after a little experimentation i found that setting the value to 75 seems to make the sample fit my bpm. is that correct?

could anyone provide me with a little more info on what the beat sync actually does?

the other part of my question comes back to the topic of beat slicing.

when i try to reprogram the beats, if i leave gaps in the pattern editor the sample continues to play in these gaps. how do i stop this?

thanks in advance :D

oh, i c.


so i was right to mess around with the beatsync?

Beatsync is one way to do it. It’s simple if the sample length is right. If it’s not it might be just as easy to manually adjust the pitch by setting the finetune and playing at the wanted note.

hi there a comment and a question on the same original topic, the offsets…

it seems when you import an IT song into renoise it screws up the offsets, i don’t know if this is just offsets preceeded by the SAx (like sa1 or sa3) command from it… for those unfamiliar with IT the sax command adds 100 or something to the original offset value, since offset of 1 to FF isn’t enough for some samples.

like the last guy i’m checking out renoise, i’ve been with IT so long i can’t tell i fi don’t like renoise cuz i’m too used to the former.

how about a real question, has anyone used extensively IT and has swithced to renoise? curious if the sound quality is that much better on the rendering and any other advantages. so far what i can see (well in 1h of using renoise) is it’s a bit of a pain to get around with the keys, well a lot better than most windows programs but still kinda awkward (copy paste blocks … like hihats and stuff seems a bit messed up).

but yeah i know IT isn’t exactly stellar on the rendering, a bit cloudy etc

but maybe it was just my samples :wink:


sound quality in renoise is about 1000times better than IT, and i love IT (impulse tracker) so much.

There are lots of old IT users here who have switched to Renoise.

There are a couple of features in IT that would be nice to have, but if you would be using IT there would be tons and tons of features from Renoise you would want to have.

Make the switch, Renoise is the best tracker and have been holding that position for a couple of years and its constantly in development.
The registration is a steal! I have been registred for 2-3 years now and its the best purchase I have ever done in my entire life!

I have always used IT for my tracking and Renoise is tracker that
lies closest to transition to. The main reasons are:

  1. Imports IT files
  2. Huge set of user definable shortcuts, so you can keep like 90% of
    your old key-reflexes.
  3. Can be made almost totally key controlled, like IT.

Make the switch now. In a few months when you have adjusted, you
will be as affluent in composing with Renoise as you were with IT. Totally
natural. And then you will have much more powerful features to play with.

i used impulse tracker exclusively for music for a VERY long time. i think it’s the most radical music program ever.

renoise it pretty wicked. originally i’d planned to use it to convert my it files over to a higher mixing quality and to maybe use some of the production grade effects it’s got built into it. the audio is crystal f****ing clear. the compressor is very good and the delay and reverb effects can be combined to form just about any atmospheric effect you could do with the most badass oldschool hardware (roland space echo comes to mind). eq-ing is good too, but: that damned offset incompatibility totally screws it.

however in the process of trying to work on it i found i really liked the renoie way of doing stuff. the keyboard controls are very different but better optimized for the way the program works (i look at it basically like, left had directs the focus of your control while the right hand actually controls, ie: left ctl(patter sequencer)) and honestly the offset programming in renoise is a little better than in IT. having to use those SAx flags was kind of annoying, but i’ll admit the imprecision was one of the things that made it sound cool :walkman:

i switched about 3 years ago and i don’t regret it. lately though i’ve ben thinking about trying to find a good way to run IT again. I might end up rebuilding some old computers i have lying around for the sole purpose of using IT :rolleyes:

do it. it’s fun.

first off thanks for all your replies…

i was planning on doing the same thing, using renoise to mix down IT files… but I guess the offset thing kinda screws that up for now. maybe i’ll just mix down the beats in renoise since there’s usally no complex offsets in them (and that’s usually what gets “mixed out” in IT, like mushed out).

hopefully i’ll get enamoured by renoise and switch over too, i noticed all the shortcuts and switched as many as i could to IT… unfortunately one or two couldn’t be done since renoise uses ,./ for notes (instead of stopping at M on the keyboard). i’m happy i found the manual as well.

i actually have 2 questions, 1 is can you fine tune the sample rate?? like lets say you load up a sample, but it’s a bit out of tune with your other samples… is there a way to fine tune the “note” or sample rate? i looked for a while for that.

my 2nd question is, is there a way to stop renoise from trying to center your cursor? i’ll explain it like this: when you’re in pattern edit, when you go down in the sequence, instead of the cursor going down the whole pattern moves up… so you stay centered but the whole pattern moves. i can’t handle this all the time i find i lose my grip on where i am in the pattern. like IT you go down and your cusor goes down, until you get to the bottom then the whole page will start moving.

anwyays thanks for all your help guys, i am more and more impressed every time i use the program… i really hope there’s a way to resolve both problems above though.

Florian Mosleh -> i have a dedicated IT machine, I just bought a terratec ews64 for it so I can use it’s effects with IT… shift-F5 turns into an effect page… but i can’t get the FX to work, it’s driving me crazy, terratec can make you insane sometimes. if you know anyone who uses that combination please tell me… i gave up… sorry to turn everything into a question hehe

ok take care everyone.