Sample Slicer

helloo my dear renoisians!

i was fricklin on a new remix the other day. as you all know, im a junglist.
junglist have their amenbeat. always!

BUT, its not about the amenbeat. i was choppin a hiphop beat with renoise
slicer and well. all fine, BUT!

it would be cool if i could have individual volume envelopes for individual
slices. or more, individual anything envelopes for the slices.

to be precise, as good as recycle. any slice having their own loops
at the end …


ye, the remix …

Try using the search feature and you’ll find this has been suggested dozens of times and we’ve been told it’s very likely coming in one of the soon updates as enhancing instruments is an ongoing process only quite recently started. (Well individual at least. I hope to see ADSR types added too and these be automatable, even if the old style ones aren’t for logistic reasons.)

But this bit is already possible is it not?

nah, wasnt able to search. im getting lost in this forum anyways :D
i haven’t seen anything allowing me to loop each slice :(

Go to the slice, click on the drop-down list and select Forwards. Move your slice markers. Simples :P

How about simply select the slice in the sample slot and set the loop property for it?

By the way: you can also still do that in the sample editor.

So there are two places where you can toggle this.
Imho that doesn’t seem hard to me.

ye sorry, my bad. just tested and figured it out. thanks :D