Sample Slices And Pitch Control

What I’d like is to have the pitch control of an unsliced sample with a sliced sample. For example, for an unsliced sample (basenote C4), the command G4 0S01 will transpose the sample up a P5 and play from the offset 01. Now say that the position I want played back is not covered by an offset value, so I insert a slice at my desired position but now G4 0S01 doesn’t transpose and play from the new offset.
Instead, by using a slice, I now have two ways to play from the same position, i.e. C#4 or C4 0S01, but no pitch control.
This means that when slicing up a sample I have to move each slice to a new instrument in order to have full range pitch control.
I can see why you’d want to slice an instrument to individual keys so what I’d like is that the 0Sxx sample command would control the pitch of a sliced sample, i.e. transpose value with 80 as 0st. So with the sliced instrument above, C#4 0S7C would play from the first slice position with a transposition of -4st.
Hope that’s clear also if I’m missing some obvious work around please tell me.

Edit: Currently the 0Sxx command affects offset in the sample slice, i.e. 1/256 division of each slice. I don’t know how much that is used so maybe a new pattern command to affect transpose value.

later Edit: Uxx and Dxx commands already do this.