Sample Snap-to-beat Point


Useful suggestion. I’ve often encountered this problem when using vocal samples, ending up in me cutting the fuck out of 'em, trial and error placement with 9XX offsets etc.
If the combination of programming in a sample in the pattern editor + placing this ‘green’ offset bar (out of Johans picture) in the sample editor could automatically have Renoise calculate and shift the already programmed sample in the pattern editor (a few) steps ahead that would be cool.

No realtime pre-calculating when playing back a song, so less cpu overhead, but a 'render’like feature initiated when placing the green offset bar in the sample editor. I think this can be done :slight_smile:

+1 sure

that can be crossed if we could have end of pattern 1 and start on pattern 2 both on screen, that could be a special mode “song mode”

i always using long flute sax and etc solos in projects
and i am very satisfied with 9xx because i know where solo starts and there are no problem to sinc with beat…

i can be a bit rude, but this is idiotical sugestion. Can et to point …

How do I put this nicely… hmm better say nothing.

Havnt really thought of this as a problem even tho I face it more or less every time i make a tune.
But it would indeed be a nice feature that could make life a little bit easier.

“Sample Pre-play”, as it was described, is a great feature idea that would allow for a richer sound. It would also be extremely useful for programming reverse drums with ease.

This has nothing to do with sample offset (09xx) – it has to do with triggering the sample early, before the peak attack occurs.

Strange how many people seem to have had difficulty understanding what is being suggested here even though it’s not a new idea.

I personally think it would be a great addition, making working with vocal, pad and reversed percussion samples so much easier!

Unfortunately I don’t see it being implemented until we get audio tracks, which will eliminate this problem by their nature. Although the ghost note idea may be a lot easier to do. If these were actually inserted into the track (in a different colour/faded) then Renoise would only have to work out whether to play them depending on if the pattern is looping or playing through the song. Again you may start to get problems if you don’t use all unique patterns in your songs though…


for me is strange you people talking about
why to to have note predelay if you can triger note any time any there
i do not get sence to have such function

+1 to original poster’s idea. I would definitely use this a lot.

To those not seeing the point of this suggestion, read the whole thread again!

dont use +1 anymore,instead use the rating-option in the top-right corner :D


HAHAHA :rolleyes:

Ever since I read this idea, I haven’t been able to look at samples in the same way. I think I’ve become obsessed with this feature idea. There are precious sounds before the main percussive attack in these samples!

It seems like such a core idea, but I’ve never seen it in an app before. 5 stars!

I wonder , if something like this would be implemented - renoise would have to “pre read” the track thus adding latency, or not ?

what I do when I encounter problem like that, is that I add enough silence so that the “beat point” is on #2 in the meter for example, then i can have track like this


— C-4 (sample with “pre sound”)

— --- <–pre sound
C-4 — <-- starts the actual sample matched to the beat

i don’t understand how could renoise work in this scenario

C-4 C-4

while one is having the “presound” without prereading

No. When you write a note, Renoise could write “the actual note” before that point in the song.It might get tricky with pitch slide effects, but you know what, who cares. As long as the 9xx command and instrument envelopes work, it would rule.

And yeah, there’s workarounds, but again, the point of this feature would be it’s much faster AND dead on accurate… instead of being awkward and time consuming and never 100% perfect… it’s just silly to have a human play around and keep listening to it over and over again, just to not get it nearly as accurate as an algorithm can in like a nanosecond.

Also the musical score, the pattern, would look more like “the composers intent” and less like a mess…

Yah… the more I think about this feature, the more I cream in my pants at the thought of it :huh:

can you please explain to me how would renoise do that without needing to pre-read it ?

Yes, I just did.

‘Renoise could write “the actual note” before that point in the song.’

actual note in quotes because that doesn’t mean the note you see in the pattern editor, but some kind of “internal note” that only renoise sees.

In other words: this gets written whenever a note gets written or edited - why should Renoise have to pre-read anything? It doesn’t have to pre-read regular notes either.

(When Renoise can do that, negative delays would be possible, too, btw… instead of putting a note on the previous line and entering F0 in the delay column, you could use a negative delay…)

Where’s is the prob ? Technically Renoise could pre-read a whole song of x megabyte in millisecs whenever you press play. Renoise just had to Re-organize sample startpoints internally.

Moreover, I think the approach with the line in the sample editor is not enough, since the basic approach should be
to support negative (pre-play) AND positive (delay) startposition offsets for samples. This is what every serious Audio Workstation like Cubase et al supports in WAV Tracks.

As far as I know support for WAV Tracks is planned for the future. The new Audio Engine in Renoise 2.0
should be prepared for delayed sample playing.

In the meanwhile, maybe Taktik could implement a new command (wich ??) for positive and negative startposition offsets ?
This command could theoretically be combined with the 9xx command

This would be a nice feature !

So +1