sample start stop

hi there, was wondering if theres a way to take a sample thats ’ very long’ and stop it in the middle then start it again where it was pause at to continue?.. cause it only starts from the very beggining…


Try experimenting with the sample offset pattern command. See for reference.

In the following example, the sample is beatsynced to 64 lines, played up to line 32 and then stopped. In the remaining pattern it is then triggered from 50%.

7170 sample_offset_example.xrns

Happy tracking!

hi there that’s a neat feature…not sure if its what I need…I have a long sample like 5 min…i want to put a plug way later in the song and I do want to wait for it to play all the way threw…your fature works only for listening to it but after I put a plug in,i need to remove the offset so I have all the song back from start to end then the plug is in the wrong spot

Hey, not sure if I understand you well, but it looks like what you’re looking for is the “autoseek” playback option (you can find it in in the sample properties) 3.1_sampler-sampleproperties.png

From the manual :

"Autoseek: During song playback, a sample is normally only heard once it has been triggered by reaching its position in the pattern. Enabling Autoseek allows the sample to be heard at any point during song playback without the need for triggering. Highly recommended for vocals, background ambience and other lengthy recorded audio."

hi there, I remember look for this b4 and couldn’t find it…i have 2.8…ill get back to you…

so i looked at the auto seek feature-it seems to be what i need…the video states that u hit auto seek and the sample pauses then resumes…its thats simple…but something im doing isnt working the sample starts from the top…maybe there some little thing that im not doing…like holding a key or hitting the auto seek b4 or after?..any idea?

i seem to have figured it out after auto seek u have to hold shirt while hitting space bar then it works great thanks:)