Sample Swap - Here Are Some Of Mine

hello people! are you willing to swap good samples and rni instruments? Here’s a little pack of my own. Enjoy… then give feedback and let’s swap instruments!

My little Pack

Thanks, mate! Respect :)

I am not allowed to swap samples… Using the Massive Injection CDs by MAZ

These arent mine… somebody gave this pack to me… it’s a r^b hiphop pack…

have fun

ive been looking for some good oldskool House samples lately.
ya know the type that rumble warehouse walls…

I’ve got a few sounds online which I created myself or manipulated in some way. Not many .rni’s - only some chip sample stuff actually, but some nice .wav’s, mostly drum sounds and some weird ambient noises.

Cheers. Some nice percussion in there. I did notice that one of the directories had duplicate sounds in it though. Stuff like “kick1” “Copy of kick1”… Nothing serious, it just added a few extra MB to the download :)

yeah that pack has amazingly great percussions for hiphop producers :P I think i should charge people for downloading… but the pack isnt mine

I have some samples I created available online for free: