Sample Tempo Bpm

how do i alter a sample tempo/bpm without changing the whole speed/bpm of the song? i have a drum loop and want to make it much faster than it actually is how can i go about doing that?

i think you can handle it via 09xx command.
check the tutorial “beatslicing”.
you will get the idea.

(As far as I know)

You have to load your drum loop in the instrument table and play it with a key of your keyboard. The sample will be played with a pitch corresponding to this key.

But this won’t only change the speed of the loop : the pitch of the different hits will be changed too.

If you don’t wan’t that, you have to cut each drum hit of the drum loop and to load them all in the instrument table, and then re-compose the rythm on the pattern.

thanks a lot guys just getting my head around tracking i love this amazing piece of software i need to get tonnes of samples though :( i am mostly using old school funk samples with some distortion lol i been slicing up some loops mostly its just getting the timing right because sometimes they sound really sketchy

There is probably a bunch of comercial alternatives with timestretch and pitch control.
E.g. Timefactory.
Not cheap but to me it sounds pretty good.
Haven’t looked for it but maybe there are some good vst-samplers with real-time time/pitch control.
Which might be the answer, on the other hand it cost money.

if you’re just trying to sync up the loop, and don’t really care about the pitch, try using the beat sync feature in the instr. settings panel … it will allow you to map the beat to whatever number of beat ticks you like :)

Correction : Pattern editor rows / lines. :)