Sample triggering

The result that I am looking for is to use MIDI pads to trigger a sliced sample. I would like hitting the pad to play the entire slice once from beginning to end points, and to be cut by other triggers.

Currently, I can only choose between the sample playing only while the pad is held down (not desirable) or that if there is no note off or interrupting trigger, the slice will loop (also undesirable.)

I did a little forum searching but didn’t see a solution. Any help is appreciated. :]

(I am currently using the beta 7 build)

In the Sampler tab, with the Sample Properties panel visible…

  • Sample List > Select all slices you want to work with.
  • Sample Properties > Set Trigger mode to One-Shot.
  • Sample Properties > Assign all slices to the same Mute Group.
  • Optional: Set the instrument to Monophonic, to prevent accidentally smashing 2 notes at once during live play.
  • Optional: One-Shot mode will disable looping, but just for good measure you can also disable the loop mode for each slice in the waveform editor.

4814 renoise-slice-oneshot-mutegroup.png

Thank you, that’s exactly what I was looking for.