Sample-vst Automation Controlled By Lfo/env.

This is an idea that actually struck me first time I opened Renoise.

Just think of creating a dNb reese with Chamelphat’s cutoff sweeping the keys everytime you press a note. The VST parameters could be slaved to a hand drawn envelopes or and LFO. How tho make this possible is quite simple, make an LFO/Env. device with definable parameter output slot, and just start the envelope or LFO when a key is pressed. Then when you are satisfied just export the bass as usual… Audio track to wav and reopen.

Surely… This could not be used truly efficienlty for other than lead instruments… But that’s what creating breaks basses, dnb sound’s and reeses is all about. :)

same here. :lol:

i think it belongs to the topic “the renoise instrument (rni) future”.

and this idea was mentioned before. you can find more ideas and sketches here: