Sample & Vst(i) Properties : Ideas !


I think that Renoise Team must change the position not logical about position “Amplify”. For example :

=> Tracks DSP :

  1. Width
  2. Panning
  3. Volume

=> Sample Properties :

  1. Panning
  2. Amplify

=> VST Instrument Properties :
When I load one VST(i) Plugin, could you add an option allowing modifying panning like “amplify” ?

After, I have new ideas about the display of information :

=> Sample Properties :

  • To Add a box allowing to showing & changing the selected sample/instrument + easily during music composing :slight_smile: (like “Program” in VST Instrument Properties).

=> VST Instrument Properties :

  • In “Instrument”, to add the buttons for selecting before/next VST(i) Plugins (like “Program”).

Thank you & Greetings,


Do you also make music sometimes?

Hello charlylinch,

I love making music using SoundTrackers ! But, I try to find free time for composing new pieces & improving my old .XM to convert in .XRNS format :wink: I composed 3 .XRNS files for the SDCompo on the net since october 2008.

I am registered for Renoise 2 and I am very happy about this powerful audio tool. For me, it is the new generation of Trackers on computers (effects, DX, VST, VSTi…). If I didn’t work at my “real” job, I will make 1 music every week, that is to say 50 in one year ! I have got a lot of ideas and I love creating my own musics on computer (composition only, mix/remix rarely).

When I use Renoise 2, during the using & the beta-test, I find new ideas and I think that little features must be made for the next version of Renoise 2…



Will be considered in the complete instrument assemblation overhaul.
(The instrument structure requires a complete redo, including the way samples should be controlled, arranged and played)