Sample Vsti To Instrument

Okay here’s something I just thought of. I love the VSTi freezing in the HighLife VST, because some vsti’s are just not worth that one sound to keep around. The instrument list can get very very long that way just to be able to load up that track, so it’s nice to be able to get rid of them that way + using samples inside renoise is often still a big plus over using VST instruments.

Now, say you have a VSTi loaded and you want to sample a specific key, after which that sample gets loaded in a new instrument, with the key you just pressed as the root of the instrument. Wouldn’t that be great??

I’m thinking of a switch at the VST instrument properties, which when set on starts waiting for a new keypress after which it starts sampling until it goes back into suspend mode. That sample goes into a new instrument slot and has the root key set to the key you pressed. Simple!

Of course FX and other stuff will be added, so it would be a really nice way to toy with loads of effects and get good sounds fairly easy.

Might sound complicated, but I lack explanation skillz, hope you guys get it.

PS. if this is waaaay to big a request then internal sampling would be next on the list. I’m now sampling stuff via routing my output back into my soundcards input, not really the greatest thing ever.

Samplerobot looks cool, but is a bit expensive and totally overkill. I just want to sample a single keystroke or a short little bit and maybe have the ability to tweak the synth while it’s recording (+ record through the fx stack of a track).

And yeah, I mean sample what comes out of renoise. My soundcard doesn’t have that option.

chainer is cheaper :

also, you can use the free tapeit :

this should be what you want/need.

cool thanks, tapeit looks pretty useful. I see the new version has some sync options, I’ll look into that.

bantai master output recording would be great, plus maybe add another sync start & stop option so it would start and stop with the activity of a VST instrument? woooh!

you can automate the record button of tapeit, it’s an automatable slider you can control with a pattern-command. and don’t dare not to register because of this. :D

I hope taktik has incorporated some kind of code to disable all those recording-vsts in the demo-version (like tapeit1+2, voxengo’s record and the LoopSyncRecorder (forgot the developer of that)).

No worries, I’m a long time registered renoise dude :)

Can you set tapeit to record on soundinput, and stop at silence? Or do you know something that can? I just want to use it to sample small bits when the need arises. You know when you play around with an instrument and get this great little sound you can’t really repeat inside the tracker without a lot of tedious work, that’s the stuff I want to record. Or record chords and play around with that.

whats the difference with your proposal in the first post in this thread frl, with just selecting the portion of the track in the pattern of the vsti you want to capture & right click/render to sample??

I’mma don’t understanzords.

The difference is that it’s a lot faster and adds the ability to do some nice live manipulation. For example it would allow you to play with the modulation wheel or cutoff filter while recording. So you can add some small (or HUGE) live touches to the sample.

Render selection also requires you to find out how long the bit is you want to sample, there’s less freedom of the length you’re sampling, and if all you want is some sample to toy around with it’s just not really worth it.

The impression I got was that it’s actually not a problem to record what renoise plays. You’re limited to realtime anyway, which sets a definitive limit to what you can do.