Sample Youtube Easily

paste the youtube video url into the page.

audio: not java based java based audio and video

video: (java based)

this lets you download the .mp3 from a video which Renoise or whatever should then be able to load.

I use all the time, doesn’t require java (everything server based i guess, might take a while longer tho)

I use offliberty works with youtube and with many other sites as well.

Thanks Cas, I forgot about that one. It makes a nice filename and everything.
Suva that one doesn’t give you a nice filename like the one Cas linked to. Also looks like some hipster tumbler page

jdownloader works too

This is my fav. Works fast n good

DonT forget that on Linux you can route youtubes audio straight in to renoise via jack…

Nice! I use an interface with loopback.

  • any other audio you can play on internet. love it!