Samplebrain release

I’m trying this, but somehow I don’t want to push the sound out :frowning:
win 11 and behringer usb sound card.



it is a cpu intensive app may take a while to process.

I think it will use an internal sound card.
I don’t see sound output option anywhere, so I guess I’m out of luck for now.

It is from Gitlab issues:

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They updated it a few hours ago. seems to work better now!

thanks for info,
but for me nothing changed :frowning:
still no sound.

I am using an USB adapter on linux. if curious

Just update.
0.18.4 version finally working with my gear :slight_smile:

yay! good to hear :grinning:

DeepDive: Aphex Twin's Samplebrain - YouTube a great tut on samplebrain.