Samplebrowser Volume?

ok, so when i pre-listen samples through the samplebrowser the volume of the samples can be quite overwhelming. i read in the manual that you can change the pre-listening volume, but it doesn’t clearly say where i can do that (or i might be blind). could someone screenshot me to the button i am overlooking?

Use the slider in the Disk Browser:

i cannot believe i overlooked that. i guess i was constantly searching for a button or slider in the file-browser instead of the disk-browser. on re-reading the manual i see that it is stated right there. and i had no idea you could set the pre-listen to different tracks as well… great stuff, thanks a lot!

I didn’t actually know you could change the level there.

As well as Preview On Master/Selected Track is it maybe worth a Preview Raw option (ignoring any EQ, Limiters, other effects you may have on the Master channel.)?