SampleBuffer selection properties don't work how I expect it

When there is no current sample selection, the following properties don’t seem to behave how I would expect at all:[].samples[].sample_buffer.selection_start[].samples[].sample_buffer.selection_end[].samples[].sample_buffer.selection_range[]  

I would expect that the selection range would be reported as { x, x } where x is the current cursor position. Instead they behave as though the entire sample is selected (e.g. if sample_buffer.number_of_frames == 12345 then sample_buffer.selection_range == {0, 12345}). That’s quite useless and it doesn’t seem like there’s presently any way to get the current cursor position.

That has always been so, but the idea is great to have selection_start = selection_end = current_position if the current cursor is minimized to one position.