SampleDSP VS. TrackDSP Quality differences?

I use renoise for my sample-based song bases (triphop/downtempo) and noticed that the exact same DSP chain (with external VST) sound much better when put on the TrackDSP lane than on the SampleDSP lane.

Is there an explanation for this?


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Can you render out the waveforms and compare them? Or post examples here. My guess is it may just be a volume difference causing the perception of better quality. I’ve never noticed a difference personally, and use instrument fx chains all the time

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Thanks for the reply.

The Chain is: [Saturation] > [Compressor]
I tried to different SaturationFX with a similar result. When bypassed the Compressor acts and sounds the same. But the Saturation Plugin does compress the peaks more in the SampleDSP lane. :thinking:

I will investigate further and try to spot what’s going on there.

that looks like just an amplitude difference to me… although it’s hard to tell just from the screen shot. did you try normalizing them both and comparing the sound/waveform?

oh, no, I’m sorry. I see now that the troughs are identical although the peaks are different. Seems like the compressor is behaving differently? Kicking in as a limiter at a lower amplitude maybe?

Sometimes samples are brought in with an amplitude adjustment in the sample properties pane. Perhaps that’s impacting the effect’s headroom?

hard to say without an xrns, but I’m sure I don’t have that plugin, so couldn’t test anyway :upside_down_face:

Something I must do wrong. :smiley:
Alright, I’ll share the xrns tomorrow. :smiley:

I’ve noticed, in the past, that the signal is ‘hotter’ in the sampleDSP.
Could this be related to ‘Track headroom -6dB’ in ‘Song Options’?

This is it! :clap: Thanks for the help!

Track Headroom: The volume that each track’s input is lowered by. This leaves room for volume increases that may result from the use of effects, as well as helping to avoid clipping in the final mix that takes place in the Master track.

That must be the reason why I did not decrease the volume of every sample like in other DAWs. :innocent:

Did you set it to 0db?

Went the other way around it; by using a gainer with -6dB at the start of the SampleDSP chain,
then adjusted volume in the tracks as needed.


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