Samplelist Accessibility

hi, devteam
i often fill an array of instruments with 16 samples each (it would be nice if they could hold more), and to do this i have to repeatedly move the cursor from disk op to the samplelist and lightly roll the mousewheel to advance. i could use the little arrows on the side to scroll and click on the next one, but the wheel method is easier in a target-practice sense. this gets really tedious after filling only a few instruments. it would greatly improve my personal workflow if either there were commands (in keyboard-mapping) to increment/decrement current selected sample like kp+ and kp- do with instruments, or instrument and sample lists were resizable (like the divider being draggable so samplelist could be more than 3 lines).

thanks for working so hard on renoise,

your message is not very clear because sometimes it seems you are talking about instruments while some other times you are talking about samples.

Browsing through instruments with keyboard is already possible (shift + arrows), while moving the focus from diskop to instrument box is not implemented, though it would be a good idea to use CTRL+ALT+arrows to move between them (this shortcut already lets you move between directories tree and files tree).

Browsing thorugh samples with keyboard is not possible instead.

there is a box in the upper right corner of the renoise screen, it’s divided into two sub-boxes. one is small and one is large. the large one is instruments. already in renoise is the capability to advance through these instruments using predefined global hotkeys. the small box is samples. there is a small box for every line in the big box. you could as easily say that each ‘instrument’ had spots allocated for 16 different ‘samples’.

to clarify my gripe, the function in renoise which allows the user to define keyboard commands dynamically does not allow the user to define keyboard commands that advance the cursor through the ‘samples’ box (the smaller one). i also suggested that users might want to be able to make the ‘samples’ box larger.

sorry for being initially vague.