Sampler enhancements...

Would love to see:

User-defined auto-mapping for samples brought into the sampler. So, for example, you could set the auto-mapper to look for note values (e.g., C4) in the filename and auto-map it on the appropriate note instantly when a sample is dropped into Renoise. Kontakt has a great implementation of this. You could add further variable options for velocity ranges, etc.

Proper built-in batch conversion of samples within an instrument (bit depth, rate, format, stereo/mono). I know there are some tools that cover this (partially), but a well-implemented built-in solution is always better (far as I’m concerned).

And (this one might cause some ppl roll their eyes): layers and key-switching! Yes. Would love it. Oh and (another eye-roller, has been suggested before) one-button portamento and legato settings (yeah I know about using macro with the glide command, it’s just that a “true” porto/legato setting would make my little life easier). (I’m informed that this appears in Redux, been waiting for 3.1 so I didn’t know!)


Portamento (or legato??) is in redux already.