Sampler For Renoise

I am basically a Reason-user who grew up with FT2 and still makes music much faster with the tracker-interface (I really HATE that stupid pianoroll). I bought a copy of Renoise only for the purpose of using it as a sequencer, and I route the MIDI to Reason’s racks (the combinators, samplers, mixers etc). Since everything can be controlled via MIDI CC’s, this solution would be the ultimate ideal IMO – Renoise as the sequencer and CC controller, Reason as a rack of gear.

However, there are several syncing and MIDI-outsignal stability issues that remain to be solved and overall this solution doesn’t work properly today. It would maybe work if Renoise had Rewire capabilities, but since it doesn’t I will have to consider other possibilities.

So I think the best thing to do is actually to invest in a good VSTi sampler system, that runs perfectly with Renoise and is quite optional and expandable in regard to the samples.

What such samplers and/or soundbanks are particularily good for Renoise? What do other Renoise users recommend?

I use and recommend Native Instruments Kontakt. RGC Audio Sfz is also widely used

Shortcircuit is also a good choice. But honestly, there are far better VST instruments available than Reason’s rack of gear. A couple of those don’t cost more than Reason either.

kontakt roxxxxx! :yeah:

I haven’t actually played around with any of the available soft samplers. Maybe now is the time…

How does Kontakt’s surround system work in Renoise? I want to make surround music for theatres etc…