Sampler modulation in ticks?

Renoise 3.0 sample editor is quite different from 2.8, I cant find the old envelope window with ticks and points.

How can I get the envelope values to be expressed in ticks rather than milliseconds?

I need the volume to rise from zero to full volume in 6 ticks then from full volume to zero in 6 ticks, the whole 12 ticks cycle looped, how would it be done?

Well, there is a little clock icon (‘enable to sync to milliseconds instead of beats’ or something like that) at the top right of your chosen modulation device. Maybe that will help some?

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What new power ups i get? None… drats…

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So the old style volume envelopes where you could add as many points as you want are gone now?

I can only use AHSDR now?

hm, modulation->envelope device? It can be set as ticks or milliseconds measure I think. It can has make your own step/linear/curve from points, with loop and hold options.

When loading “old” instruments, there seems to be some compatibility device in use that’s very similliar to the envelope device, but disallowing the addition of the “new” modulation devices until you delete/replace it.

Thanks, I guess its just fractions of beats now instead of ticks but its workable