Sampler: Recording Sync - Change Available Buttons

[i]Current: Sample editor sync is either “none” or “pattern start & stop”

Requested: Change choices to “none” and “pattern start” and “pattern stop”. (“None” would deselect both the start and stop buttons.)[/i]

:unsure: Oops. Okay – I see that this is possible. The ‘arbitrary length’ is built-in. If I want a certain length of sample, I just need to record more than I want, with pattern sync enabled, and trim down from there.

Just for the addition:
“Pattern start&stop” can just be interpreted as “pattern start” when you toggle the record button to start and while recording, you click the button to stop this sync button takes care it functions as a “pattern stop”

You more or less explained it, but just in case adding the same read from a different angle.