Sampler - Start Points Question

Hi guys, hope you all good and safe!

I really need the ability to move around the start points of my WAVs, I know I can use commands to trigger from various points or simply delete/cut the sample start to the point I want.

However this is really not cutting it for me (no pun intended), which VST sampler would you guys recommend as the best replacement? I am looking for small and simple, no Kontakt style monsters :smiley:

A majority of my samples are basic drum hits so I do use Renoise sampler as they are small and simple but for long samples (synth captures and such) I really need to be able to move that start point to that sweet, perfect spot, thanks in advance!

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There is SMC tool by @Raul if i’m not mistaken which can automate start/loop sample points

Forgot to mention that this tool/extension is not free - but it is not expensive either :slight_smile:

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Oh nice, swift response, thanks for this!

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