Sampler Suggestions?

Here’s my situation: I just got back from tour with my metal band that I play guitar in. We use samples during our live show and I was using a Behringer FCB1010, running into a MOTU Ultralite, into my laptop, and using Renoise to trigger the samples with my feet while playing. The only problem with this setup is that it is needlessly complicated and takes forever to setup every night.

So, I was looking for a very simple unit that I could load samples onto and trigger with some sort of MIDI footswitch. It doesn’t really need to be a sampler per se, but just something that I could trigger pre-rendered files with. Furthermore, does anyone know of any very simple MIDI footswitches? I just really want to simplify my live setup. Also… the cheaper the price, the better. Thanks for the help!
Or with USB:


Thanks Maskin! That’s just what I need.