Samples Disappearing?

what’s up,

perhaps i unknowingly hit a combination of keys or the song is just too big (85MB) - but somehow, none of my samples will show up in the editor. i hit show all, zoom out, all that - it’s just - no sample will show up. and there are like 50 samples loaded in the file.

the weirdest part is that i can add them in the editor, they go in the patterens fine. i can’t use the “inst settings” tab either - to like change the volume of a sample, etc.

anyone know what i may have done or if this is a bug, etc?

thx much



crap. you know what, sorry - i think i just figured it out. i guess it has to do w/ the different kits that you can have - the bottom instrument list. sorry :blink:

Or it’s probably just about selecting the correct sample-slot in the sample-list :P
That is what the “bottom inst.list” is actually called :P