Samples From Songs.

Hi there,

I was just asking myself the following question: Is it legal to use (voice) samples from ordinary songs?
Since I hear a lot of voice samples in the breakcore circuit.


yes, it is illegal.

different current thread about exactly that topic

also, one can’t actually answer your question properly, because “ordinary songs” isn’t really a well defined term.

songs you could sample under certain conditions for example would be songs released under the creative commons license.

edit: oha, i read your question wrong, the correct answer must of course be: no, it is actually illegal. (instead of yes, it is illegal…)

Just get your vocals from CC Mixter

Thanks to the both of you :D

It’s not legal, but oh so fun!

Could anyone tell me if voise samples from a tv show are illigal too to use?

Yes, definitely. But Suva recommends you to do it anyway.

Aww man, that sucks :(

So now my recommendations suck? Okay, I won’t recommend it then. :(

But otherwise. I hear that confessing your sins frees you from going to hell.

So, anyone willing to confess which artist/movie/tv show he sampled last time.

I’ll go first: Rihanna.

WIP: Salt N Pepa - I couldn’t find out where they sampled it from, I’d rather have taken it directly from the source. Oh my, do I love to sample. Not even to do something “new” with it, just sample something and repeat it endlessly. Ahhh.

(what if you only confess but don’t repent? oh noes! expect this message to self-destruct within days/weeks, unless I forget about it, and then I sincerely hope you’ll visit me in jail)