Samples Idea

And selecting the samples should play them :walkman:


totally. currently the samples pane is far too small. can only see two samples at a time!

Just drag the separator line:

Separator line or not, I like Bungle’s mock-up, so +1 for that!

When I posted about that separator line I didn’t mean I’m not +1 for Bungle’s suggestion.

For me this would be a waste of space. I mostly have one sample per instrument.
I mean… When do you need such big space? Not in the pattern editor i guess. In the sample editor? I guess not because sample slots get selected automatically by pressing the keys they are mapped to.
And on smaller screens…?

I agree that the instrument selector is a bit too squished, however that design would cause problems with the master view/spectrum etc… Maybe should be minimisable?

Yeah, if you can minimize theres no problem whit space. Is a useful thing, I use “generate drum kit” a lot, and I need a good view of the samples in a instrument. Now i dont have a problem, but this way seems better.


most definitely plusone.