Samples Memory Usage


I think it would be a nice additional to show the combined memory usage for samples from the instruments as on hardware samplers.

I’m usually running on machines with less RAM (512mb) and having an idea of how much is used by sample data would be useful for me to know when to start trimming instruments down.

I currently work around this problem by saving all instruments as ‘wav’ rather than compressed audio and assuming the file size is similar to the memory usage.

Maybe free memory could also be shown, but I don’t know if this can be retrieved across all platforms.

Still, total sample used memory would be a nice to have addition.

would be very handy to monitor these things

i like it. +1

How does this work with virtual memory a computer uses on the harddisk, or is that a windows only thing? I have no idea how much ram Renoise is able to maximally use from my 4 gig internal, it might not say much in how the operating system allocates memory in combination with the pagefile.sys? Saying stuff without knowing what I’m talking about ;)

You can identify how much memory is used in a Windows application with GetProcessMemoryInfo, which will return both main memory and swapfile usage. Free memory apparently can be found via GlobalMemoryStatusEx.

Linux unfortunately does not complete all fields in the getrusage() syscall. Parsing /proc//statm appears to be the only way.

Don’t know about Mac, maybe the same as Linux due to the Unix-style OS?