Samples Mute Groups In Renoise Instrument


I would like to ask:

is it possible to make SAMPLES MUTE GROUPS in Renoise instrument?

I want to use it for MPC-like live performing, for ex., melodic samples should mute each other when a pad/key is pressed, but drums samples shouldn’t cut them.

Any ideas, or it’s impossible without vsti?

Not in the same Instrument, no, although has been requested and I very much support the idea.

Only way around it would be to use separate instruments and then go in via some kind of MIDI - OSC converter as Renoise MIDI can only play notes on currently selected instrument. Another area many hope will be improved upon soon.

Yeah, it would be really helpful. OK, will wait for these improvements :) Thank you!

wow, i never thought i needed this until this was brought up. that would be really cool to have.

+1 for mute groups! Definitely needed!

This part has been superceeded by 2.7 which does support multiinstrument play.
Mute groups is not one of the improvements.

I don’t understand how multiinstrument play helps with mute groups. Could you elaborate?

Reading the original post and my reply again I think I assumed he was talking more of a keyboard split style (although maybe on pads rather than on keys) and NNA is set by Instrument, not by Sample, so to have some samples which would be cut by a new one and some which would not would require you to play notes from two different instruments.

BUMP! mute groups…anyone have any ideas how to do this via LUA…I tried forcing a note to play on a different track but when changing tracks based on selected sample …result is it changes tracks too slow sample plays in current track then track selection changes.